Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January-June 2010 schedule

1/2: Pandora's Box (1929, G.W. Pabst) 35mm -- With live electronic theatre organ accompaniment by Jay Warren!

1/9: My Sister Eileen (1955, Richard Quine) 35mm

1/16: The First Legion (1951, Douglas Sirk) 16mm -- not on DVD

1/23: Hellzapoppin' (1941, H.C. Potter) 16mm -- not on DVD

1/30: Amnesiac Noir Double Feature:
My Name Is Julia Ross (1945, Joseph H. Lewis) 35mm
Two O'Clock Courage (1945, Anthony Mann) 16mm -- not on DVD

2/6: Imitation of Life (1934, John M. Stahl) 16mm

2/13: History Is Made at Night (1937, Frank Borzage) 16mm

2/20: Monsieur Verdoux (1947, Charles Chaplin) 35mm

2/27: The Visit (1964, Bernhard Wicki) 16mm CinemaScope! -- not on DVD

3/6: The Deep Blue Sea (1955, Anatole Litvak) 16mm Technicolor CinemaScope! -- not on DVD

3/13: Dragonwyck (1946, Joseph M. Mankiewicz) 35mm

3/20: God's Little Acre (1958, Anthony Mann) 35mm -- not on DVD

3/27: Dead of Night (1945, various) 16mm

4/3: The Big Broadcast (1932, Frank Tuttle) 16mm -- not on DVD

4/10: Radio Days (1987, Woody Allen) 35mm

4/17: The Mark of Zorro (1940, Rouben Mamoulian) 35mm

4/24: I'm No Angel (1933, Wesley Ruggles) 16mm

5/1: A Canterbury Tale (1944, Powell & Pressburger) 35mm

5/8: Ladies in Retirement (1941, Charles Vidor) 35mm -- not on DVD

5/15: Lifeboat (1944, Alfred Hitchcock) 35mm

5/22: Mr. Wu (1927, William Nigh) 35mm -- with live electronic theatre organ accompaniment by Jay Warren! not on DVD

5/29: Brute Force (1947, Jules Dassin) 16mm

6/5: Decision at Sundown (1957, Budd Boetticher) 35mm

6/12: For Me and My Gal (1942, Busby Berkeley) 16mm

6/19: The Enchanted Cottage (1945, John Cromwell) 16mm -- not on DVD

6/26: The Outlaw (1943, Howard Hughes) 35mm

Films start at 8:00 pm on Saturday nights at 4901 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL 60641. Entrance is in the back. Admission is $5 or $3 if you're over 55 or under 10. Popcorn is a buck, parking is free.


  1. The Pandora's Box screening was a joy. A terrific 35 mm print along with Jay Warren's masterful organ accompaniment. I'm looking forward to Mr. Wu and Mr. Warren's return. Thanks to all!

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